Friday, March 8, 2013

The Orc Mask In action! Photo set 2 My LARP Halloween Mask

So the mask is done and it was time to test it. I needed a costume and a friend of mine Edward had all that I needed and more. He is in SCA and the costume he put together looked like I could have walked off the set of  Game of Thrones. My wife is a Photographer/Nurse so she and I went out to Hart Park, Bakersfield, CA to take pictures of this beast of a mask! we took over 200 pictures I will be posting about 5 each week here. Here is part 2 If you missed part 1 here it is


TKNO said...

The costume looks awesome with the mask! Can't wait to see some more of those pictures!

TKNO said...

Dude, that costume works really well with the mask! Can't wait to see some more!