Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A new line of Halloween, LARPing, and cosplay masks.

My Etsy store is being built. this will be where you can purchase from a new line of Halloween, LARPing, and cosplay masks. They will be made to be adjustable and have options when ordering so you get closer to the look you want without the cost of a custom mask. Primarily Fantasy based themes but some horror monsters will be made in the future.

Stop Motion short: Bustopher Jones in Concert 1995

This is an old film shot on super 8mm. Stop Motion short: Bustopher Jones in Concert. Originally filmed at Bakersfield High School Art Department 1995. Made possible by Norma Savage and Phillip Colasanti. Sculptures, set design, and filming Erick Main. Edited by William Main and Erick Main. Voices Erick Main. Re-mastered 9/27/2012.

Monday, November 26, 2012

First latex Halloween mask casting. My LARP orc

latex starting to set up
Do not try this, it did not work. The fan rubs on the front and causes the motor to slow and almost burn out.
top of head too thin so third coat. 

Pulling away from the mold means its almost time to de-mold. 

de-molded too soon. caused damage.

damage almost repaired. 

I need to finish the seeming 

halfway done with seeming

Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Halloween latex mask; De-molding the sculpture.

First Halloween latex; de-molding the sculpture.

Heat gun on monster clay.

My Geeks vs Zombies T! Its my favorite shirt!

This was harder than it needed to be, I did not center the line as well as I should have.

Finally clean. Almost ready for latex.

I learned a lot about what I should have done from this video 
Here at Monster Makers. The next cast will go better.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Started casting Marrow Biter the Latex Halloween mask

I started casting the mask on sunday. I started around 10am and finished around 8pm. It was wonderful to get back to my old love of monster making. The process went farely well. I just cant find my plaster rasp so the opening will be held up till tonight. Here are some pictures of this part of the mold making process.