Tuesday, December 30, 2008

www.hooliganscomics.com is live!

IS LIVE!! There are digital downloads of FARO issue 1 in our store. This month the press copy will also be available. Hey all you hooligans out there we have desktop backgrounds, banners, forums, blogs and a mighty 8 page preview available for your comic surfing pleasure.

Monday, December 8, 2008

OK issue 1 is complete and gone to press. we will soon have a new flashy web site. and we have already started work on issue 2. the writer Marcianno Kane has been on a non stop writing binge. he just cant be stooped and is finished with issue 5. FARO has alot of stuff ahead of him in and out of the comic. we are looking for conventions we would like to put on the future schedule so drop us a comment if you are close to Bakersfield CA 93304 or Washington DC 20003 and want us to come to your convention. later FARO FANS!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The new FARO trailers... http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=406083089&blogID=441382792

Passage deep in to the comic book realm

With the practice of a hobby come the fruits of a job. I now work for the amazing company Hooligans comics. They can be found at the previous my space link or here at there .com link.

I must say first and foremost that this company is amazing, and 2nd you’re going to feel its presence at upcoming cons. the book faro will be published in print and on line download.  (I am not saying this for sales) seriously this is and amazing story! The first issue will be available the first week in December. If you are an established Bolgger and comic critic e-mail me and I will make sure you get a copy. Here is the official blurb 


Hooligans Comics presents FARO #1 The story of Faro begins in the distant future where Manhattan stands as the last stronghold against a globally dominating and tyrannical American empire A brilliant scientist injects his newborn son with a secret formula, which allows him the ability to evolve after every death, thus making his son immortal yet vulnerable and unpredictable Before the invading enemy can capture him, Faro is placed in a time machine and sent back to the beginning of time with one mission, prevent the spread of evil and corruption of America In this first series Faro will find himself in Civil War era New York encountering a world of demons, hookers, gangs, and zombies Every time Faro interferes with the natural course of American history, evil and time evolve itself to alter the future, leaving Faro on a never-ending quest to stop the evil that resulted in his birth.


Ok a preview page will be posted soon. Also a super small super secret sneak peek will be up. As soon as I pry it out of JPs hands.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

Digital life drawing!

I recently decided to go back to college for another advanced life drawing class. (you can never have enough life drawing!) So I go in the first day, and it is a professor I actually am friends with, so in the process of catching up we decide I will work entirely digitally. (Lap top and pad) I did 100s of drawings totally digital, but with the pace and direction of a life drawing class. Wow that was fun if you have the chance DO IT! It was such an amazing experience wow. Even my 10 sec warm ups were digital. Ok I digress I hope you all enjoy them. If you want just ask for a high rez and I will post. to see more visit my life drawing pictures at photobucket