Thursday, December 16, 2010

The reinvention of me

I have had some major changes happen in my life. Much examining has gone on. I look at my artistic path and have always found no direct direction and style. That is in part because of me always trying to make money “now” with my art. This desire is due to me trying to prove my self to my parents even when there was no need to. I made this goal up in my head. It traveled in to my marriage as well. Now I realize I need to concentrate on the art and the money will come possibly. I know the happiness will come naturally.

Now because of a new coworker I have been introduced to Zbrush! My art was always most successful (my definition of success is: bringing an emotional reaction from a viewer. Even if its just “oh that’s cool” I even welcome the “that is horrid!” reactions) when I sculpted. Mainly I sculpted things small. I enjoyed sculpting the most and was mostly better at that than other arts. I’m not giving up on all my dreams and projects; rather I’m morphing them in to something better and new. One example I love miniatures and sculpting them. Now I will be doing that all the time. My comic book Vessel is complete and very interesting. But if I did the shots in 3D I can now finish the comic series (with the next and final issue #2) and any amazing shots of vessel can be printed in 3D. The possibilities are endless in 3D and fast once the models are made. So I will be updating my progress here and answering any questions about my journey here as well. Here are some of the first things I have been playing with. Just to show progress.

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