Monday, February 4, 2013

Story of Grom Cor Blood Drinker the Orc who saved the land. New latex LARP mask

During a time, when Dragons had a treaty with the other creatures of the land, a green Dragon, Sanesta, was no longer satisfied with what he thought was a dull existence. He began to attack places all over the land. He was still bored; no warriors existed any longer, because for over 675 years there was no war against dragons. The wizard’s council consulted the spirits of the first wizards. The wizards were told to ask the last ancient red dragon, Ralorlock, to fight the green for them. When they asked the red refused. The wizards were left with only one choice; find their own way to fight the green. They needed the fire magic of the red to defeat the green. They decided to trap the old powerful magic in a weapon and send a champion to fight the green. The wizards woke the red dragon. It was furious and blasted them with a fire breath that had the power of a volcano. Half of the wizards used their magic to hold the blast as others in the council shielded them as they escaped. With this magic fire they went to the Dwarfs. It was told by the spirits that the dwarfs had secretly discovered a way to magically trap raw magic in forged weapons. The wizards convinced the dwarfs to use this skill and the dwarfs forged The Dragons Fire Hammer. The champion Grom Cor Blood Drinker was found and the green was defeated. The battle lasted for days. When the final blow was bestowed upon the green dragon, the explosion could be heard from the Kragg Forest all the way across the contentment to the Red Sand Coast. The Heroic dragon slayer, Grom Cor Blood Drinker, was the only thing left standing. His face scared forever by the green dragon. The Dragons Fire Hammer could not be found. Grom Cor Blood Drinker peacefully awaits the next challenge.


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