Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So I did an update back in 2010; here is the new 2011 update!

So I did an update back in 2010 with some goals and things that were going to happen. Here is the rundown of how they went.

1.Hooligans comics no longer exists, to be quite honest it never really did,  but I do not regret it. It was an amazing learning experience. And wish the other members the very best in the endeavors they seek to accomplish.
Hooligans still kind of exists; there is going to be one last push to see if kickstarter will help us get our ideas out there.

2. Vessel will have one final story and it will be in 3D. Release date undetermined.
Still in the writing phase not much has inspired me to do this but I might do it for sure if the kickstarter works.

3. I’m working on a video game with my best friend. It will be released on the Ipad and other undeterred platforms.
The game has been the primary focus since that update. It went like a steamroller now with a team member we have taken a hit to the creative drive. The game is very far and the graphics and story are amazing. I have a feeling with some time the creative focus will return. Another big change is the game now will be in web and PC/Mac platform.

4. We are going to move to a bigger house.
We did and we love it! So there will be a big Halloween show this year.

5. I will build the graphic arts computer this year (2011).
Haven’t done it but have picked out the parts and plan on part buying till it’s complete.

6. I’m going to jumping in to the custom 3dmodel and 3d printed custom miniatures world this year as well.
Big announcement here and I’m going to save this for a future post.

7. I have a secret product I will unveil later this year for the Halloween industry.
It will be a part of my blog soon. Its done I just need to format a how too.

8. and finally haunt buddies will make their limited arrival this year.
“There here” look at some of the first issues here. I have been a cartoonist all my life and now I’m taking the time to just put some stuff out there. They need a little more polish but I’m learning to get fast not perfect. It’s hard without my tablet. I will have a new one soon.

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