Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before Web Comics Were "A Thing"

Bryan Bell, Keith Bahrenburg, and I were in a college class that Bryan had convinced us to take as a side project. I’m not sure now who came up with the idea to do a comic strip, but we were all in without hesitation. I’m also not sure how but i knew that the Bakersfield Californian was involved to some degree, and they wanted to post our comics on the ever so new internet. We came up with a theme and a bit of story line and the Alley Cats were born. Although they were short lived; they lived all the same. Three friends that had nothing to lose did something before all others. It was fun and I do not regret any part; even stopping. I can only find two for the moment, but I know where more are and I will be posting them as well. Thanks guys for the memories…meanwhile Keith has resurrected the web comic bug and has a very funny comic going with Aaron Cook, it’s called Office Rats check it out!!!

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